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VEGAN DELICE offers a full refund on the following

  • The cake has broken beyond repair while in our care i.e transit

  • If the cake is not cooked all the way through and this is proven

We do not offer refunds for the following

  • You have paid your deposit but you no longer need the cake. If you give us 7 days notice we will only keep 50% Deposit. If you give us under 7 Days Notice we will keep the full amount or request the full amount to be paid.

  • If you decide you do not like the look of your cake without obvious reasons. we reserve the right to reject a refund. We make sure all our cakes are the best design and quality

  • If you do not like the taste. Even though we pride ourselves of the taste of our cakes, everyone has different palettes. We cannot offer a refund based on a cake that you think is too sweet or to bland or even to moist or dry. We have no complaints regarding the taste of our cakes but we do advise you to visit for a taster or we can send tasters for a small fee of  £10.00

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